Main Benefits

Earn More

Save Time & Effort

Marketing Through
Social Media


Automated communication with students and parents

Attendance reports

Homework & assignment completion reports

Practice reports

Skills learnt

Payment history reports (for students paying online)

Sharing class plan and material (if you want to) with multiple students (and parents)

Upload videos, photos, links and files

Upload class plan

Automated notifications

Class reminders

Practice reminders

Payment reminders



Option 1: Revenue Share with Skillzot

There is no upfront fees charged to you. A license fee of Rs. 200/- per month is charged from each student you add.

You receive and keep Rs. 100/- (50% of the license fee paid by the student)

Option 2: Subscription per student use per month

5 students @ Rs. 300/- per month

10 students @ Rs. 600/- per month

15 students @ Rs. 900/- per month

20 students @ Rs. 1200/- per month

25 students @ Rs. 1500/- per month

30 students @ Rs. 1800/- per month

> 30 students please contact us