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Belly Dance Personal & Group Classes in Mumbai by Belly Dance Institute Mumbai By Ritambhara Sahni
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Belly Dance Institute Mumbai By Ritambhara Sahni
100% for Belly Dance Total reviews for teacher: 26
130% 5 proof points
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Belly Dance
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Ritambhara Sahni
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skillzot-teacher-location-image   Andheri (W), Colaba, Khar (W)
skillzot-teacher-location-image   Does not take classes at student's home
Courses available
Belly Dance by Ritambhara Sahni
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Batch 1 for Belly Dance by Ritambhara Sahni (Khar West)
Hint: You can choose your time preference
at the time of booking this batch
Khar (W)
(Full address)
1 day/week
2 hours/day
5:30pm to 7:30pm Sat
1:30pm to 3:30pm Sun
On-going monthly course
Joining Date
No fixed start date
Updated May 2016
Batch 2 for Belly Dance by Ritambhara Sahni (Colaba)
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at the time of booking this batch
(Full address)
1 day/week
2 hours/day
7:00pm to 9:00pm Fri
11:00am to 1:00pm Sun
On-going monthly course
Joining Date
No fixed start date
Updated May 2016
Batch 3 for Belly Dance by Ritambhara Sahni (Andheri West)
Hint: You can choose your time preference
at the time of booking this batch
Andheri (W)
(Full address)
1 day/week
2 hours/day
7:00pm to 9:00pm Wed
10:00am to 12:00pm Sun
On-going monthly course
Joining Date
No fixed start date
Updated May 2016
Courses details for Belly Dance by Ritambhara Sahni
What you'll learn
Our course is for 3 months. We teach 3 levels in belly dancing. At the end of the course you will  learn how to do your moves and techniques on all forms of belly dance music be it egyption, arabic, turkish, lebanese etc.. 
Here's what you will achieve by the end of the course ?
 1) You will learn 45 percent of the techniques that there is to learn in overall professional belly dancing.
2) You will learn this in the form of three professionally choreographed sequences on three arabic numbers.
3) You will also learn how to move on all forms of arabic music be it arabic, egyption, lebanese n turkish as well as bollywood music.
Policies related to missing classes:  1) If you miss any sessions we help you with cover up sessions. 2) You have a 6 months time frame to complete your course.. So you can freeze your course in the middle and do it anytime later within the 6 months time frame.  3) Once you have joint levels 123 you can attend levels 123 at all our centers and all timings at no extra cost. 4) You can change your batch in the midst of your course.

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Why should you learn from Belly Dance Institute Mumbai By Ritambhara Sahni?

The Ritambhara Sahni’s Institute For The Performing Arts [RSIPA- pronounced as RISPA] since 1996 launched by Ritambhara Sahni has been now there for 14 years.

Ritambhara has been learning, studying and performing various free style dance forms since the age of 7 years. After launching RSIPA in 1996, she has taught various dance forms and also had shows organised by herself for her students over the years.

In the early years our show was popularly known as ‘Footloose’ . Currently our show is known as ‘June Hip Hop’ and ‘December Hip Hop’ which happen respectively in ‘June’ and ‘December’.

This year RSIPA has introduced more dance forms, dance fitness workouts and also has a new division called TBDIM pronounced as TIBDIM [The Belly Dance Institute-Mumbai] by Ritambhara Sahni.

RSIPA and TBDIM will now introduce and organise new dance shows for its students.

The dance styles done at RSIPA are Urban Hip Hop[Popping, locking, Breaking, Krumping, Funk, [either fall under the umbrella of Hip Hop or are related to Hip Hop],Jazz and Contemprary, The Tap Dance, Belly and Flamenco

Belly dancing is done at RSIPA in its division TBDIM.

RSIPA also has schedules for dance fitness workouts.It will also introduce new shows for its students this year. The schedule will be put up shortly on the home page under ‘current events, worshops and schedules’.

All the courses at RSIPA and TBDIM are certified. RSIPA has separate batches for kids and adults. [age group is 8 years to 55 years.]


What student's are saying 100% for Belly Dance
  (Total reviews for teacher: 26 ) Give class feedback
Shadab Shado
Jan 31, 2017
My experience with Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni has been perfect from the minute I stepped onto the venue for our belly dance classes, the remote and beautiful center at Ritambhara Belly Dance classes in Khar west, to meeting my warm-hearted and down to earth teacher trainer, Ritambhara Sahni. Loved the intimate class size, the balance of curriculum between belly dance and us, the balance between individual, partner and group work time, the ongoing feedback from our teachers, the daily belly classes taught by our teachers AND the opportunity to attend at their belly dance classes at Andheri west, Khar west, bandra west and Colaba at no extra cost.A 2 hour belly dance class class for our practicum towards the end of our training!! I honestly thought it was impossible to learn so much in two weeks and to become a belly dance artist at the end of one year when I first arrived. Belly Dance Institute Mumbai is awesome. (for Belly Dance)
Shraddha Jadhav
Jan 12, 2017
Weekdays I attend Ritambhara Sahni belly dance classes in Andheri west with friends frm work, it’s a great chance 2 c friends outside of work & enjoy a motivating, fun workout & belly dance class. Saturdays we attend @ Ritambhara belly dance class in khar west & bandra & we LOVE getting away from d house 4 a few hours & dancing together & enjoying a great belly dance class. Read on a belly dance blog how belly dance is fun wth friends once. One imp thing that i want 2 put across in my review/ testimonial is d “belly dance Parties/belly dance Marathons” are my favorite! Dey r longer classes dat are offered once a month & are full of dancing & fun 4 improvers at belly dance institute Mumbai. Ritambhara Sahni- an awesome teacher who always has a big smile on her face & truly enjoys d dances & makes everyone in d class feel comfortable, motivated, &energized. My batch mates reviews & testimonials wud b like wise. Belly Dance institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni is surly recommended. (for Belly Dance)
Arpeeta Panvalkar
Jan 11, 2017
Been coming to Ritambhara Belly Dance classes in Mumbai for 18 mths at andheri west & also at khar, bandra & Colaba. Joint after hearing good reviews & testimonials from friends. Started belly dance initially 2 b more graceful in dance overall as had read on a dancers blog that belly dance gets you more graceful & gone from an average dancer to a good dancer now i can say.Also confrimed the same on other blogs as well. The classes are fun & its fab & you are guaranteed to learn & loose weight as well if you ‘shimmy just a little bit more’. Fab way to memorise choreography if you are looking to improve your performance!Ritambhara sahni belly dance energy & craziness is infectious & you will soon be addicted to all things at belly dance institute Mumbai by Ritambhara sahni. At d end of my review / testimonial i would say that come along & give it a go whether you have 3 left feet or not! Belly Dance will help 2 transform your body & soul at Ritambhara Sahni belly dance institute Mumbai!(for Belly Dance)
Vipul Kanala
Jan 10, 2017
Belly dance institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni ..whatever i say is just not enough.If you’re ready to delve deeper into your true self, then you are ready to embark on a professional training experience than belly dance institute Mumbai is the place. I once spent many years stuck in the logistics of the business world creating unhealthy money and pressures around me that were detrimental to my physical, mental and spiritual health. Practicing belly dance has contributed to healing along with a good dose of self awareness. Now that I’m a belly dancer, I can offer support and guidance to those caught up in the illusion of what is – and what is not important and this is all thanks to Ritambhara Sahni's Institute. Always still look up belly dance blogs and websites all over the world and Ritambhara Sahni blog and website and class always affirm the same and precise information, technique and learning. Ritambhara Sahni belly dance Is a wonderful experience. Belly Dance Institute Mumbai :)(for Belly Dance)
Mohsina Khan
Sep 30, 2016
This is definitely a great workout at Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni. It has everything from toning your arms, abs, hips, buns, and thighs. They incorporate belly dance in the form of a workout and its fun to do snake arms, and shimmies to belly dance and in the form of a great workout. Reading all the reviews and testimonials here on belly dance institute Mumbai , i too would love to write about everything that i have gained here at Belly Dance Institute Mumbai in a way of writing my review / testimonial. Since I’ve been bellydancing for a while now at Belly Dance Institute Mumbai, I feel it’s great practice for me. If you have never belly danced it will be fun to shimmy the first time at Ritambhara Sahni's Institute. Don’t expect it to be a ALL bellydance fitness routine, it has several belly dance techniques, drills, choreographys and combinations that are meant to workout different muscle groups. I was told by Ritambhara Sahni initially not to join it in the form of a workout but just to belly dance as she does not guarantee any weight loss but it has helped me a great deal. Also Ritambhara Sahani allows us to attent at all centers which are Colaba, Bandra , Khar and andheri and i went and practiced at all for the extra grace and weight loss. Also my belly dance belt makes me want to belly dance more and thus exercize more. Belly dancing belts are motivational for sure and my friends at class agree to that. When we all wear our belly dance belts and shimmy together , its a 'happy' feel. I am so attached to my belly dancing belt. The whole session at Ritambhara Sahni's Belly dance class in Mumbai is for 2 hours long,but i still am craving for more. So if you don’t have time to do the whole workout, skip to the abs or cardio. They have stretching in the end as well. I think its a great overall workout and I recommend Ritambhara's Belly Dance classes in Mumbai to anyone who wants to learn this beautiful art of belly dance and get results overall. Ritambhara Sahni's belly dance institute Mumbai is an experience to experience. (for Belly Dance)
Simone Fernandes
Sep 13, 2016
After dancing at a number of dance classes over the years, i decided to try belly dance one day and I found Ritambhara Sahni's belly dance institute Mumbai Immediately. I first found her institute online and then when i went through her Facebook page, i realized so many of my friends had been here. My friends had given me great reviews about this place and also said that Ritambhara Sahni mam is always welcoming and even if they just would want to go and brush up what they learnt years earlier as of today, she is very welcoming. Ritambhara Sahni's institute sounded like a really happy and warm place. And so i guess i very easily found this belly dance class in Mumbai and the tutor - Ritambhara Sahni was very welcoming, a lovely friendly group - exactly how my friends described it. So , here i am , sharing my testimonial as well with belly dance institute Mumbai and i must say that we are always learning new dance moves, and the warm up is brilliant too. Ritambhara Sahani is a great and is a fantastic teacher and is one great entertainer. Belly dancing for me is so enjoyable, and has always been the most amazing escape, even when I go to this belly dance class in Mumbai in the worst mood, I always leave smiling, and sometimes even slightly euphoric!! I also have the privilege to attend at all her centers, be it Colaba, Bandra , Khar or Andheri. Belly Dancing helps with my back problems, and even when my muscles are in spasm I still try and go to class and end up feeling better after :)..I would encourage anyone with an interest in belly dance or fitness, or just looking to do something different, to give belly dance institute Mumbai a try. One more really happy aspect about belly dancing is the belly dancing belts. The belly dancing belt is just so amazing. It wants to make you get up and belly dance each time you look at it. Belly dance belts are added magic i believe to belly dancing. For me if i belly dance i only would want to with my belly dance belt as that’s what makes me feel right. I am looking forward to join the higher levels at belly dance institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni, take part in all their events and stay here for as long as i can. I would recommend Ritambhara Sahni's belly dance classes in Mumbai to all.(for Belly Dance)
Sandhya Sharma
Sep 3, 2016
In dancing with Belly Dance Institute Mumbai , I have learned a strong respect for myself as a girl and all the girls and women around me. I have to say here in my review or a testimonial , whatever you would like to call it that Belly dance institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni is a place where we learn discipline and commitment. A belly dane class in Mumbai where strong friendships are created with your belly dance batch mates. I also have a strong affection for Ritambhara Sahani mam and her team of instructors, i feel pride in being a student at belly Dance institute Mumbai. This belly dance class in Mumbai always makes me smile.The instructors are outstanding in attitude and technique, as the many competition awards and happy students prove. The belly dance instructors show such pride and love for their students at Ritambhara Sahni's belly dance classes in Mumbai, you can feel the sheer joy these girls and women get from performing and making their instructors and belly dance school proud. Also we are all so in love with our respective belly dance belts. The jingling is addictive and makes you want to wear your belly dance belt and just move with or without the music .You visit any center at Ritambhara Sahni's belly dance institute Mumbai - Colaba, bandra , khar or Andheri ,you will always find the students of the institute have been very warm and welcoming. This is the reflection of Ritambhara Sahni's attitude .When working directly with the students and the instructors, we have found them to be fun and exciting, always ready to add to the spirit of joy and camaraderie that Ritambhara Sahni mam is trying to fuel during each moment in the studio. Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni will always be my Dance Family!" (for Belly Dance)
Zahabiyah Gabajiwala
Aug 31, 2016
I began my incredible journey with Ritambhara Sahni's belly dance institute Mumbai. I will never forget walking in for my first belly dance class at the Andheri center. It was a day of excitement. I came in that day thinking that I would take a few belly dance classes and never dreaming that it would change my life forever. Within a week of coming to belly dance institute Mumbai , I remember coming up to Ritambhara Sahni mam to tell her that she herself and her team of instructors and everyone here is my family. I must say here in my review that i am proud to a part of this fabulous family at Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahani. When I walk in the doors each weekend at Ritambhara Sahni's institute, I can feel the energy, excitement, and enthusiasm of everyone that is there wearing all happy colours of their belly dance belts and the belts making that magical noise. Once you walk through those doors, you do not want to leave.In my testimonial here i would also like to say that all of my instructors at belly dance institute Mumbai have given me the greatest tools to become the best belly dancer I can possibly be. It is through their love, care, belief, and high expectations that I have been able to achieve things in belly dancing that I never dreamed would be possible. I will never forget the feeling that I felt this past few months after winning my college inter collegiate competition in belly dancing and seeing how proud everyone was of me. It is a feeling that is priceless! All of my instructors at Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara sahani as well as Ritambhara Sahni mam of course have given me a passion that I do not feel I would have found elsewhere. From the time I started dancing at Belly Dance Institute Mumbai, I have developed a new self image. My entire outlook on life has become 100% more positive than it was before. I feel like I now have a reason to hold my head up high and that I can conquer whatever life might throw at me. I have gained confidence in both dancing and in my life that only gets stronger each day that I belly dance. I have slowly begun to believe in myself not only as a belly dancer, but as a person, too. Since coming to Ritambhara Sahni's belly dance institute Mumbai , I have met so many wonderful and amazing people that have become life-long friends.Belly Dancing is such an enriching experience that one can never put a price on it.Belly Dancing is PRICELESS! for any female. I never dreamed that belly dancing would have such an impact on my life and i would fall so in love with my belly dance belt. It is an incredible journey that will only get better! I can never say enough times to everyone, Thank You for changing my life for Ritambhara Sahni mam and all the instructors at Colaba, Bandra , Khar and Andheri centers at belly dance institute Mumbai. (for Belly Dance)
Daksha Daftary
Aug 16, 2016
Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni has been a life changing experience and DO READ my review or my testimonial on Ritambhara Sahni mam and her institute - Belly Dance Institute Mumbai because it could be life changing for you too if you love belly dancing. I am a student at the bandra khar center at Belly Dance Institute Mumbai. In the Times of India that year, I came across an article of a belly dance troupe who had performed in a gala event. Every one of them looked beautiful and so happy! My boyfriend dumped me for another girl that month and it has left me in the dumps ever since. I had forgotten what happiness felt without him and what did I do when I wasn’t in his company. He had become a habit and I suddenly had to find a whole new way of life. My friends tried to cheer me up but they too knew of my attachment with my ex-boyfriend. But the girls in the article looked different from how I felt at this point in time and how I wished I felt what they did. My mum saw me looking transfixed at the belly dance article and instantly sensed what was going through my mind like a whirlwind. She suggested I read a little about the dance -belly dance that was performed and then visit the institute which was Ritambhara Sahni's Belly Dance Institute Mumbai on whom the article was all about. I beamed a hopeful smile, noticing the start of a new beginning. After a week of probing, I nervously made a call to Belly Dance Institute Mumbai and on hearing the calm voice, I felt at ease and so I instantly decided to join. Belly dance institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni had become an important part of my life and was elemental in helping me heal. The energy and time I had begun to put in trying to learn the techniques had slowly, yet steadily pushed my negative thoughts to the back of my mind. Every time I felt I was in for a relapse, I shimmied with all my might. All the relentless practices made me get better and the confidence showed. Ritambhara Sahni herself was more like a laughter therapy coach. She urges you to be happy and her laughter is contagious. 3 months may seem like a short span, but those 90 days were the best I’ve known. During all the practice sessions we laughed and talked. I once unburdened my unhappiness to Ritambhara Sahni mam and the advices she’s given will stay with me for a long time. What truly makes Ritambhara Sahni special is not just her strong knowledge and experience in belly dancing but also the bond she shares with all her students. So many of us only choose to learn belly dance in the beginner’s level and not go all the way because of circumstances. But even in those 3 months I can tell with certainty that you would have not only learnt the core of belly dancing but also would have taken happy memories along which will stay with you for a very long time. Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni is surly my second home. (for Belly Dance)
Kennie Kukreja
Aug 13, 2016
I always do write a review and give my testimonial on a place i have been to and experienced so that others do benefit if they do want to benefit from my experience.So i joint belly dance institute Mumbai and here goes my experience with belly dance institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni. My inclination for music and dance was quite evident from a very early age. I learnt to play the Indian and Western classical instruments but the middle eastern music and dance style was yet to be explored. My fascination led me to sign up for a belly dance class in Mumbai’s most famous belly dance class which is belly dance institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni. In 3 short months of Belly dance institute Mumbai's beginner's course I mastered the dance and was immersed in the rhythms. I never missed a class and attended the session in all the centers which are colaba, bandra - khar west and andheri west to master the art of belly dancing. Belly dance institute Mumbai has this amazing facility which allows you to attend at all the centers at no extra cost and i feel that is so wonderful. Ritambhara Sahni has a keen sense of music which is noticeable in her soulful movements. Theres rhythm in her every step and its beautiful to just sit back sometimes and watch her dance. It is good fortune to learn from a person like Ritambhara Sahni and I consider myself most fortunate. Ritambhara Sahni's belly dance institute Mumbai is definately a wonderful place i would say to learn this beautiful art of belly dancing. Ritambhara Sahni is a wonderful person and a great teacher. (for Belly Dance)
Roksana Karaka
Jul 31, 2016
Belly dance Institute Mumbai and Ritambhara Sahni have surly made me a very happy person and i would love to leave my review or testimonial here for others to benefit. I come from a family of ballroom dancers. My grandparents would teach ballroom dancing over the weekends and so the dance came very naturally to me. I have not just performed at several school and college shows but on several occasions internationally. But, ive always felt theres a lot more to dance. I love the passionate flamenco dancer and the sensual confidence of a belly dancer. Particularly belly dance. The belly dancer is not dependent on her male counterpart to guide her through the sequence and is not incomplete in the absence of her partner. Here, she owns the stage with an alluring confidence that is so beautiful. It would be wonderful to dance barefoot with a full control on every muscle of the body. So, my friends in the dance fraternity highly recommended me to join Ritambhara Sahni’s belly dance institute Mumbai and I wasn’t disappointed. I now go to the andheri west center. Ritambhara Sahni- she came across as a very pleasant down to earth lady in the first meet and with every class my admiration for her grew a thousandfold. I had read an article which surveyed dance forms and as per their research belly dancers were a lot happier than exotic dancers. The freedom of the dance builds your self image and the way you hold yourself. Ritambhara Sahni has designed very beautiful sequences of choreography for every level. What is wonderful is the fact that the foundation for all the levels is taught in the beginners 1,2,3 stage, so, even if you discontinue after the beginners stage, you certainly can belly dance. (for Belly Dance)
Purvi Rambhiya
Jul 25, 2016
I joined Belly Dance Institute Mumbai last year and from then on, I can't stop myself from belly dancing. This is my 1st dance class in my life and also the best. I always want to dance like Ritambhara Sahni mam, really love watching her dance and her awesome energy. My husband always teases me bcoz I copy her in style but she is the best belly dance teacher full of positive energy. I surly love belly dance institute Mumbai by Ritambhara sahni and i feel its a great idea to leave my review / testimonial here for others to gain from my amazing experience. I attend the classes at the Andheri west branch as well as the Bandra and Khar West branch. Also , I Just wanna say that Ritambhara Sahni's belly dance classes in Mumbai are so much fun. A big thanks to you - Ritambhara Sahni mam[hope you read this someday] for being a great belly dance teacher and for making belly dancing a blast! It’s been great to learn from you and perform with you. I know for me when I first attended your class after doing a long search on belly dance classes in Mumbai. I was very nervous and scared of looking silly. Yours was the very first belly dance class or dance class for that matter I attended. You made it easy for me to become comfortable and to learn to just let go, relax and make mistakes at first. You taught me that belly dancing is about showing inner positive energy while having fun and enjoying it. Thank you for just being you. You rock! Belly Dance Institute Mumbai and its team - keepgoing just like this forever and ever- want to be a part of this family as long as i can. (for Belly Dance)
Fatima Motiwala
Jul 22, 2016
I had never done Belly Dancing before I started belly dancing at belly dance Institute Mumbai at the Andheri west center and i simply love it, and I feel that it has given me something to look forward to every Thursadays and Sundays. writing my review / testimonial here is a must, so here goe...Going for these belly dance classes in Mumbai has built not only built my confidence but has improved my skills in belly dancing tremendously . Ritambhara Sahni mam plays a huge role in fanning the flames of her love and passion for dancing by showing that in her belly dance classes in Mumbai. I simply love taking belly dance classes with Ritambhara Sahni. She makes you want to belly dance more and more. Ritambhara Sahni mam dances with so much energy that trying to copy her “auto-magically” makes us better dancers! Very proud to be part of the “Belly dance institute Mumbai” . Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni picks the best music and their techniques are so in their pure form, best of all FUN! We love doing belly dance because of our teacher Ritambhara Sahni. Oh! And also, she is very very organized! No surprises what so ever...everything is very well planned well in advance. A BIG “THANK YOU” to Ritambhara Sahni and Belly Dance Institute Mumbai! Also i would want to share with all of you that id you do end up joining belly dance institute Mumbai do take advantage of the fact that they allow you to come for as many beginner classes at all centers in that time frame of 6 months that they give you. It definately helps you a great deal and makes you a more and more graceful belly dancer. I use to attend in andheri west as well as the bandra khar center and still continue to do so. Ritambhara Sahni's belly dance institute Mumbai certainly rocks!!!(for Belly Dance)
Priyanka Patel
Jul 13, 2016
Came across this website for looking out for something else but saw belly dance classes in Mumbai listed here and stumbled on my teacher Ritambhara Sahni's page. So Belly Dance Institute Mumbai -i take this opportunity to say what i have always wanted to convey but somehow the opportunity dint come up.So i just wanted to share how glad my 13 year old daughter and I were to find out about Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni and get enrolled together. Its been very tough finding something she actually enjoys being active in so this has been so fun to see her so excited, happy, and positive. She talks about it and practices the moves during the week and even said to me yesterday out of the blue, "I LOVE Bely Dance...it just makes life so much better." Thank you for this!! That totally warmed a mother's heart. We were also so appreciative to be able to bring a family friend (also 13) who goes to a special school for mental challenges. She hardly has any friends and rarely feels accepted. I was apprehensive about bringing her but what a great experience with a fun, non-judgmental, accepting atmosphere. She absolutely loved it. Thanks for all the love and appreciation. The only day my daughter and I can come together during the week is Thursday so we'll be there every thursdays no matter what...Can't wait til next Thursday! :-)Thanks again for effecting our lives for the good. Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni is really a very good place to learn belly dance in Mumbai. A great belly dance class in Mumbai is Ritambhara Sahni's Belly Dance Institute Mumbai. (for Belly Dance)
Marzy Parakh
Jun 26, 2016
From being shamed out of a dance studio as a teenager to belly dancing for an audience at belly dance institute mumbai by ritambhara sahni's show, I've come a long way at belly dance Institute Mumbai. I have learned a new sense of inner confidence, strength, and determination. I will never be the most graceful dancer but I will love every second of it because belly dancing has showed me that teaching your body to do something you didn't think it could also teaches you to love your body. Ritambhara Sahni is one of the most patient and encouraging instructors I've ever had as well as persistent and motivating. I love belly dance, I love Belly dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni, I love all the lovely ladies I've got to meet through the supportive community. My instructors at belly dance institute Mumbai are good teachers,dancers, and loaded with lots of patience. It definitely helps me to have choreography notes to help me learn, as well as the music. The choreographies have been challenging,but because of that my dance has definitely improved this year. I feel like Ritambhara Sahni's belly dance institute Mumbai is my second home. It's such a welcoming and beautiful atmosphere and all the instructors offer something different but equally valuable. Every class I've taken has been enriching and fun at the same time. A fine place tolearn the art of belly dance is belly dance institute mumbai. (for Belly Dance)
Manav Chauhan
Jun 21, 2016
Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni has been a class which has been highly beneficial for me in terms of not only learning the dance art but fitness. Had heard the best reviews and testimonials ever of my friends before joining and i so agree with my friends. Allthough Ritambhara Sahni mam told me at first that belly dance institute Mumbai only teaches belly dance as a dance form and not as a workout, i have still acheived the results. So i really would want to say here in my review or testimonial whatever you would like to call it that this belly dance class in Mumbai is for the women who love to bellydance, and don’t like to do boring exercises like lunges, over and over until you are sick of them. I definitely feel like I worked out when I was done, even though I’ve been bellydancing for 5-6 months now. Ritambhara Sahni belly dance classes in Mumbai are the reason why I lost weight before, and I’m hoping to do it again now joining her higher levels and aso taking part in her in house show - Hip - nosis Mumbai, because I had a period of “lazy time” due to my foot pain all the time. In Ritambhara belly dance classes, you will do quite a bit of shimmying, and doing bellydance moves to work your body out, it’s cardio, with some great toning for you arms [ when you will learn her snake arms - Ritambhara Sahani mam sure looks like Godess when she does her snake arms and belly dances ]. So if you love to bellydance, and if you want to lose weight, and if you don’t like lunges, then I would recommend Ritambhara Sahni's Belly Dance Institute Mumbai for you. Also they have centers across Mumbai - be it Colaba, Bandra , Khar or Andheri - you can attent at all their centers. I have done that and have got amazing results .Also my belly dancing belt makes me want to get up and belly dance even if i have no energy left on that day. Belly dancing belts get me to happy and stress free state to just keep on belly dancing. We all at Ritambhara Sahni's Institute feel the same way about our belly dance belts and a belly dance belt is definately a wonderful accessory that connects you to the dance form. Belly Dance classes at Belly Dance Institute Mumbai are Great excercise and fun! I had noted improvement in my flexability and strength after just two weeks . Today can also tell a reduction in my waistline. These belly dance classes in Mumbai are so much fun…. Very tasteful and enjoyable i must say here at Ritambhara Sahni's institute. (for Belly Dance)
Gunjun Singh
Jun 17, 2016
Awesome teachers in this belly dance institute and the best learning environment in my opinion. Not only that, as perks this institute has allowed me to perform in many aesthetic events and showcases which I believe is very important and critical to our dance development. Instructors and Ritambhara Sahni herself are extremely concerned about their student in terms of their dance progress and even go beyond even when you are not in class.I can surly vouch for that. Their classes are taught in an extremely professional way from beginner’s to the intermediate and then to the advanced level and this institute has QUARTERLY student showcases- their show –HIP-NOSIS MUMBAI which everybody loves. Ritambhara Sahni and her team are very disciplined and a great role model to dancers who are serious about getting to advanced level or just have fun and have an excellent core workout. Their classes are worth every rupee and more. Beginners are welcome! Come check her classes out. I highly recommend Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni belly dance classes. Also, they have great workshops, an amazing technique training class, and also I have attended a special class by Ritambhara Sahni which is yoga and belly dance. That is definitely a must must join. She is extremely knowledgably not only in the dance art of belly dance but also in fitness. I love the flexibility she has always given me to practice endlessly in all beginner’s batches and also at other centers. Belly Dance Institute Mumbai is really a wonderful place to learn the beautiful art of belly dance. Ritambhara Sahni is a great teacher, motivator and friend. (for Belly Dance)
May 6, 2016
My experience here has been truly amazing. I have just completed my first Three levels with d institute and now I will b performing in an event organised by belly Dance institute Mumbai. Dancing is a truly positive experience but belly dancing is out of the world and being in Ritambhara hands for learning belly dancing is the best thing that could happen to me.(for Belly Dance)
Niyati Sharma
May 6, 2016
An amazing experience - the place has transformed me completely. The place n atmosphere is extremely happy n positive.(for Belly Dance)
Jinal Jain
Mar 30, 2016
I have been a part of Belly Dance Institute in Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni since past few months. Its a perfect learning experience with this(for Belly Dance)
Sonia Gidwani
Feb 29, 2016
http://www.idiva.com/news-entertainment/now-try-dandiya-with-belly-dance/16856 i got to pose for this article professionally ...(for Belly Dance)
Jay Meera
Feb 27, 2016
Amazing !!!(for Belly Dance)
Sindya Joshi
Feb 27, 2016
Been Ritambharas - Been Ritambharas student since 4 years now and want to be her student for life. Been abroad as well to learn belly dancing . No doubt she teaches authentic belly dancing but the positive feel I have had learning with her....I have not felt anywhere in the world. No one has corrected me so easily. I have performed here...and learnt a lot in the past 4 years. Its helped to bring out the best in me. I would recommend to all.(for Belly Dance)
Priyanka Takur
Feb 25, 2016
Experience of learning with Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahani has been fun, and liberating for me. Encouragement and patience- these two are attributes of this institute. I had heard that dancing liberates you. But I did not knew how. Coming here past 10 months,dancing and being with girls from all walks of life, `fun and learn` with Ritambhara , great dance studio and watching myself sway to music - whole experience with this institute has made me love myself more. This self-love gives you freedom. It is true. Dancing liberates you.(for Belly Dance)
Shristi Takur
Feb 23, 2016
I was so excited to learn belly dancing when I heard one of my friends joining Ritambhara Sahni Belly Dance Institute. The entire registrati(for Belly Dance)
Priya Nadar
Feb 4, 2016
Have been Ritambhara Sahnis student since the past 15 years. Not only learnt belly dancing with her but have done hip hop, popping and locking, Bollywood and many dance forms with her. This place is more like my second home. I am the most comfortable learning from her and its always been fun and great learning. I have had the opportunity to perform in her Channel V event and many events have had the opportunity to perform belly dancing abroad with her professional student troupe.(for Belly Dance)