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Dance Personal Lessons in Mumbai by J. J. Rodriguez cours de danse
J. J. Rodriguez cours de danse
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Ballroom, Waltz, Swing/Jive, Cha Cha Cha
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J. J. Rodriguez
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skillzot-teacher-location-image   Colaba
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Courses available
Ballroom Latin American Customized Programmes
Batch 1 for Ballroom
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2 days/week
30 mins/day
9:00am to 9:00pm Everyday
5 weeks course
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4000/one time course fee
Updated Jul 2015
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What you'll learn

The Evergreens
•    Foxtrot
•    Quickstep
•    Waltz

The More Challenging Favourites
•    Viennese Waltz
•    Ballroom Tango
•    Argentine Tango


This initial ten-lesson course covers the standard steps of any three dances of your choice. Each lesson is customized to meet your needs, using our teaching techniques tried and tested for over 50 years. 

As you continue to take additional courses, our teachers evaluate your progress and help you to move to more advanced levels.  Students are also encouraged to add new dances to their repertoire.  Our aim is to make every student at J. J. Rodriguez Cours de Danse a confident, versatile dancer.  

When teaching, our emphasis is on maintaining the authenticity of each dance form.  We focus on the correct technique stipulated by International Dance Standards.  Students are taught to study the music, beat and timing before they step on to the floor.  They are instructed on the correct footwork, hold, body alignment, deportment, shoulder movements, sways, rise and fall – all of which are essential to help the student acquire free flowing movements, elegance and grace. 

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Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced
Age group
8 years and above
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Type of classes
Personal Lessons
Why should you learn from J. J. Rodriguez cours de danse?

J. J. Rodriguez Cours de Danse has the finest facilities to help you take the right steps towards becoming an attractive and accomplished dancer. Our facilities include:

•    A large, fully air conditioned studio with a parquette wood dance floor.

•    Large mirrors to help you check your deportment and style.

•   State of the art audio system with the best music to bring out the rhythm within you.
Personalized Training on a One-to-One Basis-
At our school we offer you individual training. We believe that each person has a unique personality with different strengths, weaknesses, and ways of understanding and learning.  Our job is to discover your needs and, with our extensive experience, guide you to find joy as you express your individuality in dancing.
You can enroll as an individual or with your partner or with a group of friends.  Sometimes, you may want to make it a family affair and learn together.  Whatever the case may be, the studio is reserved exclusively for you during your class. 
J.J. Rodriguez is a trusted name in dancing for over 50 years.  He is a Ballroom and Latin American dance teacher with internationally recognized qualifications.  Across a span of 50 years, J. J. Rodriguez has made valuable contributions to the development of Ballroom and Latin American dancing in India. 
He introduced the authentic Mambo and the Cha Cha Cha in India.  His individualistic Latin style won him the Rumba Championship in 1951. Among his other achievements is the choreography he created for the 1994 Walt Disney production of Jungle Book starring Jason’s Scott Lee (Moogli) and Lena Heady.  The film sequence also called for the training of a large number of dancers who performed the Viennese Waltz.  This was the first time in India that such a large group was trained to perform this dance in formation. 
For over two decades, J.J. Rodriguez propagated the idea that Ballroom dancing should be included as an event in the Olympics.  It is now accepted as a sport in the Asian games. 
J.J. Rodriguez has enriched the lives of people through three generations. He has helped them to shed diffidence and acquire confidence, grace, a spirit of youthfulness -- qualities that lend sparkle to a personality. His family members have been trained to join him in upholding these traditions.   That is why people from all sections of society in India and overseas seek out our school when they want to learn Ballroom or Latin American dancing.


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