Main Benefits

Stay Motivated

Follow your progress, take up challenges,
get recognized and get cheered on.

Make Learning Easy

Through tiny skills or baby steps that
can be learnt by anyone.

Make Learning Fun

Pick your practice goals and gamify
practice with rewards.

About Zotbot

Zotbot is a LEARNING APP to MOTIVATE you and make learning any skill EASY and FUN. Currently it includes learning enrichment skills like keyboard, piano, guitar, drums and dance forms with many more enrichment skills getting added.

It uses 5 factors backed by behavioral science and research to increase the likelihood of you completing what you started learning and help you achieve your goals and aspirations. They are:

Effective Teaching

How effectively the curriculum is structured and broken down.

Increased Communication

Between teacher and student on progress feedback.

Time Management

Taking out time not only to attend classes but more importantly, practice.


From friends and family to learn what you love.

Learning Community

Being a part of a group with similar interests and passion.


Benefits for Parents

You no longer need to be clueless about your child’s progress. You can be involved and keep your child excited through the learning process.

FOLLOW your child’s progress

We've broken down complex talents into tiny skills or baby steps that can be learnt super easily by mere mortals like us which in turn also gives a greater sense of progress and enthusiasm.

EXCITE your child
(make learning and practicing exciting for your child)

Recognize :

The efforts your child has put in, the skills learnt and the challenges conquered by getting them endorsed by the teacher.

Cheer for them :

By sharing on Facebook your child’s progress certificates and the accolades they've earned for completing milestones and challenges.

Gamify challenges :

Create exciting challenges and gamify them by offering rewards on completion to increase their motivation.